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Have you seen IRS imposter agents?

One of our clients in a small Iowa town recently had an unexpected visitor; a woman posing as an IRS agent.  This client was not in collections or even behind on their taxes. This was a bogus call and the individual probably hoped to get cash. She came with a business card which bore the IRS emblem and a legitimate IRS address but it also bore a cell and fax but no business phone number. She said she was from the collections division and needed to speak with the owner. She was a fraud.

Alert your office in advance that this is happening and to be prepared rather than be shaken. You have the right of representation. Unless you are already in collections, no unannounced IRS agents will visit you.

If someone like this comes to your door, be prepared and follow these suggestions provided by a friend at the IRS:

  • Tell them to send you an official letter to which your CPA will respond and then tell them to kindly leave your premises, then pick up the phone to call the police. 
  • Have someone snap a cell phone picture to provide TIGTA.
  • Have someone get their car make, model and license plate.
  • They should have a Smart ID card which includes their photo and and a security chip
  • Ask for their Commission Badge (this is in a dark leather case that folds rather like a passport).

Report the event immediately using these two sites so that maybe these scammers can be apprehended: