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Preparing for 2021 Tax Filing

November is a great time to start thinking about the coming tax filing season. It is always better to start thinking about your liability sooner rather than later.

There were special provisions in tax year 2021 that may require extra planning and documentation before your tax return can be filed.

Below is a list of considerations for taxpayers as we near the end of the year.

1. Did you receive an Economic Impact Payment this year? –

  • – Amount of up to $1,400 per qualifying individual
  • – Began being sent out in July 2021
  • – Should have/or will receive Letter 6475 stating amount received
  • – If you did not receive the payment it can be claimed and refunded on your 2021 tax return

2. Did you receive any Advance Child Tax Credit Payments this year? –

  • – Amount varied up to $300 per qualifying child
  • – Began being sent out monthly in July 2021
  • – Will receive Letter 6419 stating amount received
  • – Any advanced payments will reduce the amount of the credit you are able to claim on your 2021 tax return

The IRS is suggesting creating an account to manage records for these payments through

3. Are you planning on receiving any W-2s, or 1099s? –

  • – Most tax documents will be sent out in early February

4. Did you make any charitable contributions? –

  • – Certain charitable contributions can be deducted for itemizing filers
  • – Certain charitable contributions can be deducted for non-itemizing filers up to $350
  • – Taxpayers should keep receipts and statements for records

5. Did you make any retirement contributions? –

  • – Documentation should be sent out with specific amounts for your records
  • – Certain contributions can be deducted
  • – Certain taxpayers can receive a credit for contributions

6. Did you incur any other special expenses? –

  • – Certain taxpayers can deduct or receive a credit for certain expenses related to:
  • – Education
  • – Medical
  • – Home mortgage interest
  • – State and local taxes

Please contact your tax preparer for additional information and specifics regarding any tax deductions and credits you may be eligible for.