The Real Estate Industry

Real Tax Opportunities

Real estate has become a common asset for many investors. With the volatility of the housing market, tax filing and planning is critical to success.

There are many things that have to be considered from a tax planning standpoint that can make all the difference, such as:

  1. Depreciation methods
  2. Entity type
  3. Expense deductibility
  4. Property sales
  5. Passive/Non-passive considerations

Let Dickinson & Clark give you the right tools to make the right decisions. Whether you are a Real Estate professional or a Schedule E filer, we have a collective 50 years of experience in the industry to help you.

Laws and legislation are constantly changing in regards to the taxability and deductibility of all aspects of rentals and real estate. Here at Dickinson & Clark we work with you to give you a clear understanding of how these changes can and will impact you. Click here to see the services we offer to do so.