Planning +
Preparation =
Peace of Mind

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Planning + Preparation = Peace of Mind

While surprises are great for Christmas and birthdays, they're not so great for tax bills. That's why we help our clients with planning and preparation throughout the year so that tax time is not a surprise.

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Business Budgeting – Thinking About Your Future

Most businesses are doing really good if they have their historical books up to date on a regular basis. Real-time accounting can get you very close to this reality, but it’s still historical information. Very few small to medium sized businesses have the time and expertise to ponder about the future and make regular budgeting and planning a reality.

Summary of Iowa Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Program

Iowa has a special tax credit for landlords that work with beginning farmers. The tax credit varies depending on the type of lease agreement, but it can provide a significant benefit if the lessee qualifies as a beginning farmer.

How to avoid a surprise tax burden for 2016

As you come to the end of 2016, ask yourself a few simple questions in regard to your tax position. What will I do if my return is prepared and there is a large balance due that I am not prepared to pay? What can I do now to estimate what my tax liability may

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