Planning +
Preparation =
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Planning + Preparation = Peace of Mind

While surprises are great for Christmas and birthdays, they're not so great for tax bills. That's why we help our clients with planning and preparation throughout the year so that tax time is not a surprise.

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Have you seen IRS imposter agents?


One of our clients in a small Iowa town recently had an unexpected visitor; a woman posing as an IRS agent.  This client was not in collections or even behind on their taxes. This was a bogus call and the individual probably hoped to get cash. She came with a business card which bore the

Office Closed Friday April 20, 2018

Since our staff would like time to get reacquainted with their families after tax season, we are closing the office on Friday April 20, 2018 to give us all much needed time for rest and relaxation. Let us know if you have any pressing matters that need to be handled on Thursday.

Iowa Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Unfunded for 2018

Due to a decrease in funding, there will be no beginning farmer tax credit applications available for 2018.

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