Planning +
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Required Minimum Distribution Tips

Tip 1: My father said that he quit having birthdays a long time ago, but hopefully he didn’t stop paying attention to birthdays he reached the mystical age of 70 ½ when he needed to take his first required minimum distribution (RMD) from his IRA account(s).  Birthdays do matter when making this decision, and you should consider


Are your books real-time or redundant?

Does your financial information help you make daily decisions? Does your financial information give you meaningful insights to develop a clear plan for the future? Are you digging deeper than reviewing the reconciled cash balance and examining net income for business management and financial analysis? Let’s start with some questions that I’d like to ask


Tax Credit Cash in Your Old Tax Returns

Although the passage of time has brought new rules about the Small Employer Health Insurance Tax Credit under the ACA (Affordable Care Act), there are still tax returns that may need amending even if you don’t qualify for the tax credit this year. The 2010 Tax return amending period is now over, but tax returns

Planning + Preparation = Peace of Mind

While surprises are great for Christmas and birthdays, they're not so great for tax bills. That's why we help our clients with planning and preparation throughout the year so that tax time is not a surprise.

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