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Dickinson & Clark Updates


WARNING: New IRS Phone Scam

URGENT NOTICE: Taxpayer’s are receiving phone calls from various phone numbers posing as agents of the IRS. These imposter agents may give you information that sounds legitimate, but the IRS does not call and demand payment from taxpayers. Even if you owe money to the IRS, do not be fooled by these calls as the


Safe Harbors Provide Relief in Final Capitalization Regulations

The Final Capitalization Regulations included several safe harbors that provide some much needed relief from the originally proposed regulations.  Three of the safe harbors are outlined below: The “de minimis safe harbor election” was expanded to allows: 1)      qualifying businesses to currently deduct lower-costing assets, materials and supplies, 2)      a safe harbor amount per building for qualifying small property owners to deduct


Legal Gift Tax Avoidance

Most taxpayers know that the IRS requires you to file a gift tax return if you gift too much to an individual in a calendar year, but did you know that you can pay any amount of any individual’s educational expenses and/or medical expenses without any tax consequence? First, let’s look at the annual gift tax exclusion

Planning + Preparation = Peace of Mind

While surprises are great for Christmas and birthdays, they're not so great for tax bills. That's why we help our clients with planning and preparation throughout the year so that tax time is not a surprise.

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